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May’s deal is the worst deal in history

Theresa May had always repeated what I have known to be true in business: “no deal is better than a bad deal”. But now, even in the face of multiple Cabinet resignations and growing anger among her Parliamentary colleagues at her proposed deal, her actions suggest she believes that any deal is better than a no deal.

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Meet Richard Tice

I’m a no-nonsense, can-do type of person who gets things done, whether it is in business or politics.

I’ve been in the property business for well over 30 years, since I started out as an 18-year-old digging foundation trenches in the snow in January 1983. My career has included being Chief Executive of a £1 billion multinational property company, listed on the stock market, where I tripled the share price in 4 years.

I’m using my experience to make things happen in other areas I care passionately about. Whether on Brexit, housing, education or crime. I’d love to hear what you think, so do get in touch.

I enjoy making a difference, so there’ll be more to read about in future. Thanks for your interest and watch this space!

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