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Tories bottled it, we won’t

WHAT’s the point of inheritance tax? I only ask, because it is the most hated of all taxes, consumes so much time and energy, and generates relatively little for the Treasury that there must be a really, really good reason to keep it.

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Dear Londoner,
I badly messed up the finances of TfL, which would have needed a bailout even before the Covid crisis. I will continue always to blame someone else for my failings. Nothing is ever my fault. Yours, Sadiq

Sadiq Khan@SadiqKhan

The Government would only offer TfL the urgent funding we needed to keep transport running with deeply unpleasant strings attached.

This was not the deal I wanted, or what Londoners deserve for doing the right thing on COVID-19.

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Meet Richard Tice

I’m a no-nonsense, can-do type of person who gets things done, whether it is in business or politics.

I’ve been in the property business for well over 30 years, since I started out as an 18-year-old digging foundation trenches in the snow in January 1983. My career has included being Chief Executive of a £1 billion multinational property company, listed on the stock market, where I tripled the share price in 4 years.

I’m using my experience to make things happen in other areas I care passionately about. Whether on Brexit, housing, education or crime. I’d love to hear what you think, so do get in touch.

I enjoy making a difference, so there’ll be more to read about in future. Thanks for your interest and watch this space!

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