10 December 2018

Love Sky’s one-on-ones. Here are some highlights of me debating the Prime Minister’s woeful Brexit deal and the idea of a Losers’ Vote …with the Chairman of the Losers’ Vote.

7 December 2018

One of the best discussions I’ve had on TV was recently on the new BBC show Politics Live where I revealed that Leave Means Leave is preparing - regrettably - for second referendum following a big Brexit betrayal.

4 December 2018

I braved Gazebogeddon outside Parliament to urge the Prime Minister to ignore the vested interests and listen to the public: her proposed Brexit deal is the worst deal in history and must be scrapped.



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BBC Radio 4 Today




Making the case for more certainty on the terms of the transitional period.   

Richard Tice on LBC | 13 Dec 18




A second referendum would create huge uncertainty for our economy. The only legal certainty is that the UK is leaving the EU on 29 March 2019.

Richard Tice on TalkRadio 10 Dec 18




Discussing the transformational change in politics and the business case for a World Trade deal Brexit.