24 October 2018

The Victoria Derbyshire Show is great: rarely does one get to have a civilised political discussion on TV. Here I am making the case why we should have prepared for a WTO Brexit.

3 October 2018

I appeared on Iain Dale’s new show Cross Question alongside Brandon Lewis, Andrew Gwynne and Afua Hirsch to discuss Brexit, food labelling, drugs laws and ABBA on the day the Prime Minister became a ‘Dancing Queen’...

2 October 2018

I was delighted to meet the famous Anti-Brexit group (usually stationed outside Parliament) at Party Conference in Birmingham. We caused a bit of a scrum but it was mostly friendly… until one of them tried to sabotage our fringe event by playing deafening Muzak…

Screenshot 2018-10-07 15.15.42.png

1 October 2018

Boris Johnson’s speech at Conservative party Conference was great. Optimistic, deeply conservative and pro-Brexit. I think the whole country will be saying, “here is a guy that was deeply involved in securing Brexit in the first place who is basically saying that Chequers is a constitutional outrage”, and it is. Happy to have supported Boris at Conference.



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Talk Radio




Arguing with TalkRadio presenter Alexis Conran over issues surrounding Brexit, blue passports and Cambridge Analytica.

BBC Radio 4 Today




Making the case for more certainty on the terms of the transitional period.   





Celebrating record high employment, investment and growth.