The Brexit Party

In April 2019, I was appointed as Chairman of the newly formed Brexit Party and six weeks later I was elected a Member of The European Parliament for the East of England – a job I hoped to be fired from as soon as possible!

As Chairman, I am very proud of the Brexit Party achievements. We changed the course of history by removing Theresa May, the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had. The Brexit Party moved the political agenda entirely away from a second referendums towards a proper clean Brexit. Thanks to the Brexit Party,  we successfully rescue Brexit.

Other policies we put forward such as political reform are now on the Government’s agenda. They are trying to reform the civil service, who are kicking, screaming and scheming to prevent change. Also more people are considering significant reform to the House of Lords. They are now also planning to invest heavily in the regions as we recommended last Summer, before they were talking about it. Sadly the Government is not scrapping the absurdly wasteful HS2.

What is clear is that we have lived up to our slogan to Change Politics for Good.

“What is clear is that we have lived up to our slogan to Change Politics for Good.”


My conviction that we can achieve this best outside the EU goes back a long way. I was a director of the successful Business for Sterling campaign in the late 1990s to prevent the UK joining the euro.

EU Referendum

In summer 2015 I became one of the first business figures to back Brexit, co-founding the high-profile campaign group, which I stayed  with until we’d won the referendum. I left there in 2016 to found a new organisation, Leave Means Leave, backed by many Tory MPs and economists, entrepreneurs and other business figures. We share an optimism for Britain’s bright prospects outside the EU and a wish to get on with Brexit and build a better, more global country for future generations.