British weather: "On yer bike!"


So often the weather plays havoc with the best laid plans! Last weekend I set out for the hills of Buckinghamshire on my bike.  The weather had been glorious all last week and it was no different when I left home Saturday morning on my racer: crisp blue sky, speckled with plump clouds, no cool breeze to beat away the heat.

But not more than a quarter of the way into my 25-mile ride, the heavens opened and chucked down cold rain, against the forecast. 


I was soon absolutely soaked and my fingers were freezing.  When I got back after an hour and a half, I recalled the time I was caught in the snow back in January on the bike, again the victim of a dodgy forecast! 

But I can't get enough of two wheels. This morning I slipped away from work to go to my regular spin class in London. It's a high-intensity workout that makes me feel healthy when I've been spending ages in the office. 

It should be my bad-weather plan. But once again the British skies outwitted me..... glorious sunshine and I’m spinning inside...