Time to save the dolphins

I bumped into a small group of campaigners on the way into work today who talked to me about the destruction of marine wildlife. It’s not something I knew much about so I was interested to stop and listen.  And I found it appalling.

They told me dolphins are routinely captured, harassed, slaughtered and sold into captivity around the world (especially in Japan) by unscrupulous dealers.

As if their stories weren't enough, the banners they held depicting mutilated dolphins were heart-wrenching. We're all animal lovers in my family and my politics are Conservative so I want Britain to play its role in conserving the environment around the world and part of that means protecting intelligent, graceful creatures like dolphins.

After a lot of listening, I ran straight up to my office and did some further research.  I discovered that the UK was a lead member in the International Whaling Convention and that UK charities are already pushing for change in the EU.  Diving further, I was pleased to see that these charities are backed by our government.  

The UK is also a party to 35 international environmental agreements in its own right as well as being signed up as a member of the EU. That means we’ll continue to be bound by these obligations after we leave, which is important because I want our country to take the opportunity of leaving the EU to create a fishing system that leads the world -- especially after seeing the horrors from Japan.

I hope we’ll enforce sensible rules on any boat fishing in our waters so we don’t have overfishing or the disgraceful waste of tons of perfectly edible fish being chucked back into the sea. It’s in our economic interest and is vital for the health of the waters around our coast.  Above all, protecting these sentient beings should be a moral duty.