We will not sit by as an unelected cartel tries to dismantle Brexit bit by bit

The challenges to Brexit yesterday in the unelected House of Lords were a direct attack on British democracy.  By acting in such a manner, the Lords are accelerating the case for their own demise; more and more people would now view this as good news.

It was Parliament, including the House of Lords, who outsourced the vote on the EU to the people. By their own admission during the debate yesterday, they now aim to stop Brexit because the people had the cheek to vote the wrong way. They are working hand in glove with the Stop Brexit brigade in the House of Commons.

Business people I speak to around the country are tearing their hair out at the absurdity of our negotiating tactics. Unless we are prepared to walk away from a deal, we will guarantee that we end up with a bad deal.

The amendment from the Lords fatally undermines our negotiators’ ability to walk away. The EU are incentivized to offer us a really bad deal, knowing that it will be voted down.

Our team would then have to return to Brussels, like Oliver Twist, with his begging bowl, asking for more gruel. It would be the ultimate humiliation for a proud,  great nation that is admired across the world.

The alternative scenario is so much more compelling and attractive. We should be fully, properly prepared for a WTO style trading arrangement with the EU, and set a focused deadline for talks to finish one way or another. That way the EU would know we mean business. No longer would they use Ireland as their patsy to do their dirty work. We would gain respect around the globe. We would then end up with a sensible deal.

There is a deliciously ludicrous irony that it was Viscount Hailsham (better known as Douglas Hogg) who was behind the amendment to prevent a no deal Brexit that would mean the Government would have to renegotiate its withdrawal agreement. The same man who had the audacity to bill the taxpayers to clean his moat while he was an MP now has the temerity to try to block the British voters’ decision to leave the EU!

The House of Lords Appointment Commission even recommended against the disgraced MP’s appointment! Regardless of whether Hogg deserves to be in the Lords, if it wasn’t him it would no doubt have been another one of the unelected cartel of anti-democracy crusaders who would have attempted to dismantle Brexit bit by bit.

Witnessing peers from all parties working in the best interests of the EU to delay and frustrate the decision of the UK’s biggest ever vote is infuriating millions of people across the country, who voted to leave the EU and take back control from Brussels.

At Leave Means Leave, we have been inundated with messages from people expressing their frustration with the way these out of touch peers are behaving and there are increasing calls to reform the House of Lords.

By opposing the result of the EU referendum, the House of Lords risks taking us towards a major crossroads – either belief in our democracy is fundamentally damaged or confidence in the House of Lords is at an end.

The polls show that most people now want Brexit done and out of the way. They are bored of it. It’s high time Westminster helped our negotiating team adopt a robust, business-like approach to securing Brexit, rather than playing games of ping pong, tit for tat and scrabble.