Thanks To Brexit, We Can Celebrate A Year Of Economic Success

A year ago, the nation voted to regain its sovereign independence, to get its mojo back, to have a global vision. Brave people around the country chose to ignore the absurd, cataclysmic warnings from the Davos elite. In so doing, voters thus removed from office the likes of Cameron and Osborne, who wanted to talk our country’s prospects down; they prefer the lazy comfort blanket of being a subsidiary of the EU.

There have been so many economic examples that have proved the experts wrong, it is hard to know where to start. Employment numbers have risen to record levels, whilst unemployment has continued to fall. GDP has risen further with the UK being the fastest growing G7 economy in 2016. Property prices continued to rise and the FTSE 100 has climbed to new record highs.

Foreign direct investment continues apace, with global tech firms like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook committing to significant expansion in the UK. Softbank acquired our tech success, Arm Holdings, for over £20billion and are investing in further expansion. The City is increasingly seen as a tech hub as well as a financial services centre. Smart investment banks and financiers are easily working out how to secure the best of both worlds, to succeed even without passporting.

Globally recognized brands like Vodafone, Jaguar Land Rover, and Dyson have all announced further UK investment plans. Commonwealth countries like Australia have welcomed the prospects of the UK focusing more on this outstanding worldwide network of trade opportunities.

Our car manufacturers are already sourcing more car parts from within the UK, whilst major housebuilders like the Berkeley Group are sourcing more UK produced materials. Car sales and production in the UK hit hit their highest levels for over 15 years.

In truth, the list of economic and corporate good news is so long, that it becomes something we took for granted, almost complacent.

Yet a desperate band of powerful Remoaners around Westminster and the broadcast media have ignored these successes. They relish the errors of the general election campaign that has given them a whiff of hope that they can wreak their revenge on the will of the people. They ignore the fact that over 80% of the electorate voted for party manifestos that confirmed we are leaving the EU, including the single market and the customs union as per the current rules.

It is up to us to continually sell the positives of why Brexit is good for the country. There may well be a pause of confidence by businesses to invest and by consumers to spend. We must interpret and explain this as the inevitable consequence after a long period of steady growth. Markets cannot go up for ever, without such a pause for breath.

Confidence will be critical now to ensure we still win the greatest debate in our lifetimes. The glass is always half full never half empty. Banish any doubts, and don’t be complacent. Lets all play our part to ensure the Brexit future is bright and sunny.