Leave is stronger than ever

Brexit would make Britain free to negotiate our own trade agreements.

The Leave campaign is stronger than ever and had a big boost last weekend, with six cabinet ministers backing Brexit, including justice secretary Michael Gove, together with London mayor Boris Johnson.

In a devastating statement, Gove said: “As a minister, I’ve seen hundreds of new EU rules cross my desk, none of which were requested by the UK parliament, none

of which I or any other British politician could alter in any way and none of which made us freer, richer or fairer.”

It is hard to overstate the degree to which the EU is a constraint on ministers’ ability to do the things they were elected to do, or to use their judgment about the right course of action for the people of this country.

The truth is we can do so much better if we leave, by regaining our freedom as a sovereign nation again, free to negotiate our own trade agreements, free to make our own laws and free to control our own borders. The truth is the prime minister’s re-negotiation with the EU doesn’t address any of these points.