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I’ve been elected an MEP for the Eastern region with 38% of the vote. Thank you to everyone who voted and who campaigned - I know how hard you’ve worked for this. The Brexit Party’s success is a huge upset in Westminster. We had a simple message: let’s restore trust in democracy, let’s promote a WTO Brexit and let’s get our MEPs around the negotiating table. And the British people have backed us #ChangePoliticsForGood






I've been in the property business for well over 30 years since I started out as an 18-year-old digging foundation trenches in the snow in January 1983. Recently I was Chief Executive of a £1 billion multinational property company, listed on the stock market. I’m a no-nonsense, can-do type of person who gets things done.

I’m using my experience to make things happen in other areas I care passionately about. You can check out some of what I've been campaigning on here. I'd love to hear what you think, so do get in touch.

I enjoy making a difference, so there'll be more to read about in future. Thanks  for your interest and watch this space!

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A confident leader who gets things done. 


A campaigner on important issues. 


A successful track record putting my money where my mouth is.


A sports enthusiast and patient Liverpool supporter. 

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I've appeared hundreds of times on TV and radio, including BBC Question Time, Sky News, TalkRadio, Newsnight, Radio 4's Today programme and the Andrew Marr Show on BBC 1 and written many articles on issues that matter to me.

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I'm a cause-based campaigner with a track record of success.




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I've always believed in being upfront about challenges and just getting things done.